Selection Worksheets: Optimizing Yield, Controlling Inventory and Driving Efficiencies

The real estate development industry is becoming increasingly digitized, and in ways beyond the glitzy websites promoting available units and their features. 

Today even key parts of the buying transaction, including receiving and organizing the Selection Worksheets, the process where realtors and brokers submit their buyers’ suite preferences, are quickly becoming part of a developer’s digital toolkit. While realtors and brokers have traditionally shared expressions of interest through either paper-based submissions or digital solutions created for other industries, Avesdo Selection Worksheets provides a streamlined and compliant way to manage real estate demand and sell-through in an all-in-one solution.

In today’s market, a developer has to be able to make really good decisions, which is becoming more and more important because the cost of making an error is getting more expensive.

Same Transaction Steps with Greater Efficiency and Compliance  

Avesdo Selection Worksheets is largely the same process developers have always relied on, but in an intuitive solution that allows you to handle thousands of unit requests in an easy-to-use process. Each of the three phases — setup, submit, manage — aligns with the developer’s strategy, providing meaningful insights about inventory, demand and realtor analytics. 

1. Setup — Selection Worksheets empower developers to build custom distribution lists for potential buyers, specifying who is going to receive inventory, and how many units each buyer can select. 

2. Submit — After recipients receive an email inviting them to the process, they click-through to their Avesdo portal and begin filling out their worksheets. The Submission phase gives a clear picture of demand and unit-specific pricing before the sales process gets underway. 

3. Manage — As the submissions roll in, developers and their sales teams can review them in real-time and begin the ranking and sorting work in an organized manner. Developers can review individually or in bulk. It’s an essential tool for leveraging sales and pricing insights earlier than ever before.   

The platform drives yield optimization, helping to control inventory while offering a dramatic increase in the volume of unit requests. The benefits are significant: 

  • Streamlining demand management 
  • Ensuring greater efficiency by minimizing the chance for human errors 
  • Providing better inventory control 
  • Intuitive to use 
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements

It’s also a significant cost saving over the traditional process. 

Watch the Avesdo Webinar on Selection Worksheets 

Watch the Avesdo Webinar on Selection Worksheets for a detailed view of the process — from both the developer and buyer perspectives — of using Avesdo TMS to schedule the distribution, sort the thousands of unit requests, and ultimately secure the transactions. 

The webinar shows the typical steps a developer would take using the Selection Worksheets, including: 

  • Creating the distribution lists 
  • Holding the “events” or submission timelines 
  • Receiving the worksheets 
  • Sorting the worksheets by ranking priorities 
  • Allocating the units according to your business strategy  

The webinar includes a guided demonstration led by Avesdo president Ben Smith. Drawing on his 20+ years in the new home development business, and having seen countless changes over this period, Ben’s commentary comes directly from the front lines. Throughout the webinar, Ben emphasizes the key parts of the developer’s strategy and how the Avesdo functionality empowers you to tackle those key steps.

Built for the Real Estate Development Industry 

With over 175 years of experience developing, marketing and selling new home projects, the Avesdo team created the Avesdo TMS platform with the developer’s business needs in mind. The platform is used for more than $15 billion in sales each year, and with over 300 data points, the platform creates data-driven intelligence, trends and insights that can be applied to both present and future projects. In doing so, better strategic decisions are exponentially easier to realize. Avesdo TMS is aligned with the developer’s strategy as the solution is onboarded by an experienced team that customizes the implementation to the existing system, strategies and processes.  

Watch the webinar now, or contact us at or 1.888.278.7980 to learn more.

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