Avesdo Selection Worksheets – Create and Capitalize on Demand in 3 Steps

Create and capitalize on demand through the Avesdo TMS.

Our Selection Worksheets feature is designed to digitize and simplify the workflow for the distribution, submission, and management of selection request forms. Selection Worksheets follow a simple three-step flow:

  1. Setup
  2. Submission
  3. Management

With Selection Worksheets, you can create, send, and process thousands of worksheets within one solution to allocate homes more effectively, optimizing sell-through and sale price.

Let’s go a bit deeper.

Step 1: Worksheet Setup

Selection Worksheets allow for the build out of custom distribution lists to determine who is going to receive select inventory and to determine the number of homes a recipient can select.

The Setup phase allows developers to control inventory while offering a dramatic increase in the volume of unit requests per project and a massive reduction in the cost and risk associated with the traditional process.

Setup Phase - Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets
Setup Phase – Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets

Stage Two: Worksheet Submission

Recipients that are invited to a worksheet event receive notice through an email automatically generated by Avesdo. Within the recipient’s Avesdo portal, they can see all worksheet events that they have been invited to and can create and manage their worksheets from a single source. Realtors submit their worksheets to developers which can be filled out using a computer or tablet from anywhere a realtor has internet access. Once submitted, realtors can track the status of their worksheets as they progress on the Avesdo TMS through allocation and sale stages.

The Submission phase gives developers a clear, concrete picture of demand and unit-specific pricing threshold before any sales process gets started and the ability to thoroughly capitalize on it.

Submission Page - Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets
Submission Phase – Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets

Stage Three: Worksheet Management 

Developers and their sales teams monitor worksheet submissions throughout the process, in real-time. When a worksheet event deadline is reached, or when the development sales team wishes to, the submitted worksheets are ranked and sorted to provide a basis for an informed, efficient and optimized allocation process. Submitted worksheets can be visualized in different ways and can be viewed at any time in the sales grid. Allocation “requests” can be sent by an individual worksheet or in bulk, and the requests can specify deadlines and deposit payment terms (ex: credit card).

The Management phase gives developers the ability to leverage sales and pricing insights earlier than ever before to maximize revenue and sell-through.

Selection Worksheets - Avesdo TMS Real Estate Software
Management Phase – Avesdo TMS Selection Worksheets

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