Achieve the highest yield.

Shape demand and control profitability by optimizing the sales and contracting process.

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Enhance profitability.

Control and manage demand in real-time

See where every piece of inventory is at-a-glance, then proactively shift strategy to reach the most profitable project outcome.

Drive profits by shifting strategy on the go

Make the unknowns known with real data for better visibility, more strategic decisions, and stronger returns.

Capitalize on greater project-wide visibility

Upsize profits with expertise coupled with comprehensive data tracking and reporting—all in one easy-to-use solution.

Real-time inventory management

Optimize revenue with real-time control over every piece of inventory.

You have everything they need to achieve the highest yield within one intelligent database designed to keep all data visible, safe and secure.

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Make better, smarter decisions

Answer questions competitors can't with a single source for data.

Our sophisticated analytics give you the advantage of deeper analysis, proactive decision-making, and higher revenues.

Reporting – Sales Rep Performance

Built for new home sales.

Own leads from start to finish
Capitalize on more demand
Implement your strategy
Shape demand early and often
Complete contracts, every time
Make data-driven decisions

Own leads from start to finish

Avesdo takes an industry-specific approach to lead capture and 1:1 nurture–making it easy to capture, track, nurture, and engage leads throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

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Capitalize on more demand

Avesdo Selection Worksheets help increase the volume of unit requests and simplify the process of completing, receiving, sorting, and fulfilling submissions. Allowing you to optimize inventory, maximize revenue and make the entire process easier for everyone before a single contract is written.

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Allocation Planning

Implement your strategy

From single family to high-rise, tempo sales to blow-out launches, in a presentation centre, remote location, online, or all three at once, one platform for you to securely allocate, reserve, share, contract, and close inventory with ease.

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Choose any sales strategy

Shape demand early and often

A detailed, real-time view of inventory provides dynamic visibility into what stage each home is at—creating a competitive advantage through enhanced control over pricing and tempo.

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Complete contracts, every time

Avesdo’s proprietary digital signature solution and contract lifecycle management are built to handle the length and complexity of the new home real estate process from beginning to end—dramatically reducing the risks associated with human error.

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Make data-driven decisions

Real-time data capture, tracking, and downloadable reports across the entire project expose unknowns that typically impact profitability and create valuable data-driven insights and trends that augment your expertise for current and future projects.

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“After an extensive cross-organizational diligence process, Avesdo fit our requirements the best, will help us mitigate risk and will stand behind their offering with excellent service and a commitment to success with their platform.”

Beedie’s Director of Marketing & Strategy

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