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The Sales OS for New Home Developments

Reduce the cost of human error and control profitability with Avesdo—the new home sales platform built from first-hand experience in the residential development business.

We equip and empower developers & sales agencies with the data, processes, and technology to sell more homes faster, for more money, with less risk.


Built for new home sales.

Import leads
Collect unit requests
Allocate electronically
Complete contracts, every time
Automate deposits
Make data-driven decisions

Import leads

Avesdo takes an industry-specific approach to lead capture and 1:1 nurture–making it easy to capture, track, nurture, and engage leads throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

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Collect unit requests

Avesdo Selection Worksheets help increase the volume of unit requests and simplify the process of completing, receiving, sorting, and fulfilling submissions. Allowing you to optimize inventory, maximize revenue and make the entire process easier for everyone before a single contract is written.

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Allocation Planning

Allocate electronically

From single family to high-rise, tempo sales to blow-out launches, in a presentation centre, remote location, online, or all three at once, one platform for you to securely allocate, reserve, share, contract, and close inventory with ease.

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Complete contracts, every time

Avesdo’s proprietary digital signature solution and contract lifecycle management are built to handle the length and complexity of the new home real estate process from beginning to end—dramatically reducing the risks associated with human error.

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Automate deposits

Avesdo has enhanced our platform further, delivering unprecedented deposit payment efficiency, as well as automated communication between developers and purchasers. Through an integrated EFT system, bank account payments are processed—pulled, cleared, matched, and reconciled—in six days or less, allowing developers to access construction draws faster than ever before.

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Make data-driven decisions

Real-time data capture, tracking, and downloadable reports across the entire project expose unknowns that typically impact profitability and create valuable data-driven insights and trends that augment your expertise for current and future projects.

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Command Better Outcomes

Minimize Risk

Enhance performance and efficiency even at high velocity. Avesdo’s verified workflows reduce the likelihood human error will slow, stall, or subtract from overall yield.

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Maximize Revenue

Shape demand and optimize revenue with real-time visibility and control. Avesdo gives you the power to proactively shift strategy to ensure the most profitable outcome.

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New home sales, powered by technology.

The Avesdo platform is a single, integrated Transaction Management Software (TMS) solution for new home sales—built to manage the unique processes and data associated with new home transactions and their evolution through the entire lifecycle of development.

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