Optimize your demand with Heatmaps

In the current wait-and-see market, is gauging potential demand and the pricing thresholds of your project a tall order? During times of market uncertainty, having the foresight to optimize initial demand is crucial for the success of any project. Today, Avesdo clients use our Selection Worksheets functionality to better forecast and define their overall sales strategy and achieve higher returns at a lower cost. More specifically, our clients find three key value-adds when using this functionality:

  1. Gain a clear understanding of demand for units and floors
  2. Accurate per-home pricing thresholds with insights on low/high demand units
  3. Clearly plan out project-wide absorption throughout a project’s lifecyle

Worksheets and our new Demand Heatmap functionality both collect valuable data around demand depth, pricing, and absorption patterns from buyers and realtors – even before any sales process begins. With the fast and simple functionality of Worksheets, clients increase the volume of unit requests on projects – allowing them greater control over demand and sell-through. Demand Heatmap’s straightforward visual cues reveal units in high demand, increasing efficiency and profitability.

As your project progresses towards launch, data around the initial demand is gathered during the worksheet submission process and updated in real-time. Receiving true and accurate information directly from realtors’ worksheet submissions is the largest benefit of this tool.

To help visualize the varying levels of demand in your inventory, our Demand Heatmap functionality, uses five colour levels to indicate interest, ranging from Low to High. Each separate event also has its own unique demand distribution and calculation for tracking deeper insights into your data and sales journey.

Easily adjust prices with clear visual cues to capitalize on high demand for specific units, floor plans and bedroom types – maximizing the dollar value investment of each home. You receive the data you need to optimize sales of an entire project, not just easily sold units. With this level of control, you have the ability to sell based on your desired outcome and timing and not on fluctuating market conditions.

Demand Heat Map functionality is now available for all of our clients.

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