Leveraging Avesdo to Optimize Your Revenue

Making smart decisions at each point in the transaction lifecycle can save you time and money. At the core, that’s what technology intends to do no matter the industry. In our industry, the transaction is complex and long-lasting. From lead acquisition to sales, contracting and managing data through to close there are many opportunities to create efficiencies in your process. While it’s good to ensure your process isn’t costing you time and money, it’s even better to have a platform that gives you the chance to make more money. As they say, the best defense is a good offense. Using Avesdo, you can mitigate risk with our compliant and efficient Avesdo TMS and go on the offensive with our Advisory Services and TMS to optimize your revenue as well.

Let’s find out how.

While most businesses manage data with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, a CRM generally falls short of the strategic functions of adding insight and expertise to turn that data into positive outcomes. That’s where your experience comes in. 

Avesdo augments your experience, providing process and data support at each step in the lifecycle of a new home transaction. Specifically, Avesdo users can rely on three features — digital selling tools, unique closing features, and support through Avesdo Advisory Services — to help optimize the revenue throughout the transaction lifecycle. 

Optimizing Revenue Through Digital Selling Tools

Avesdo TMS digital selling tools help to optimize revenue across the project lifecycle. 

Consolidating all project data in one secure location reduces the risk of loss or human error, while real-time data capture, tracking and reporting across the entire project eliminates many unknowns that previously kept developers in the dark on factors that significantly impacted profitability. 

Just consider these features and benefits: 

  • Achieving highest yield — Avesdo allows developers to see at-a-glance where every piece of inventory is in its lifecycle — creating opportunities to proactively shift strategy to ensure the most profitable project outcome. Shape demand and optimize revenue with real-time control over every piece of inventory.
  • Greater visibility giving superior control — While the biggest risks in any project come from those uncontrollable factors, Avesdo gives users a high level of control over the entire project with comprehensive visibility into every dimension of every deal. 
  • Making better decisions — Make better, more strategic decisions with actionable, data-driven insights. Power up business intelligence by combining hard-earned developer expertise with comprehensive data tracking and reporting – all in one easy-to-use solution. 
  • Superior performance and efficiency — Eliminate the cost of human error while achieving optimal performance and efficiency. Remove the risk of skipped steps even at high velocity, and rest easy knowing that every task will be done right the first time. 

By going a step further than any CRM, Avesdo helps reduce your overall technology costs. From lead capture through to closing, Avesdo increases the performance, efficiency, and profitability of any sales strategy. 

Getting the Best Data with Avesdo Advisory Services

Avesdo’s Advisory Services help developers with the data needed to capitalize on valuable trends and insights to achieve greater success in all current and future projects. Our Advisory Services use aggregated data from anonymous sources to help price your project with accuracy, competitiveness and precision. Your sales strategy or presentation centre will be sharper with this insightful data at hand.

Of course, even having great data requires certain intangibles  — market understanding, experience, along with a healthy dose of instinct — that’s required to turn the data into a successful deal. The service builds on the strengths you naturally bring. 

Always Be Closing — A Specialized Closing Feature

Everyone on your team has their own view about when the project begins, but when the money starts flowing with revenue coming in and payables going out, that’s when the rubber hits the road. Project success depends on optimizing those ongoing flows of money.

Experienced leaders know that deal closing is not a one-time thing, it’s an all-the-time thing. Particularly in large projects, closing is an ongoing process with several steps and multiple data sources leading to the bottom line and the final signatures.

You can’t come all that way then fall short of the optimal deal by overlooking a calculation or violating a rule. Avesdo TMS’s Closing functionality provides the assurance you need when finalizing the deal, namely:

  1. Profitability calculations, and
  2. Compliance with local regulations 

Remember: you don’t get your sales profits until you close, so make sure you close properly and efficiently.

Generate Revenue. Reduce Expenses. Mitigate Risk.

Avesdo TMS is an essential tool for optimizing your revenue through more comprehensive sales strategies, managing expenses, mitigating risk and ensuring an airtight closing process. 

The Avesdo platform was designed by an experienced team with more than 120 years of cumulative experience in real estate law and business — addressing every nuance and risk associated with the pre-construction real estate process. 

Avesdo TMS flawless track record includes $38 billion in all-time sales, with no disputed deals due to validation checks, audit trails and amendment or email tracking.

Learn more about using the Avesdo TMS to optimize revenue. Speak to an advisor to discuss optimizing revenue for your next project.

“We’re thrilled that AVESDO will now allow us to enter into a contract with an excited customer using a credit card charge instead of having to send them away to get a bank draft and come back in the future to write an enforceable contract.  And, it saves the customer from stressing over whether someone else will buy the home that they want to call their own.  It’s a super idea and very welcome!” Adera Development

You can also watch the following video to see our Sales feature in action.

See how one platform offers complete control from leads to close.