Five ways to Futureproof Your Fall Selling Season with Avesdo

Anyone in real estate knows that fall is one of the busiest times for the industry—for residential developers, builders, sales & marketing firms and teams, realtors, buyers, and sellers. No one wants to be caught off guard unprepared for the numerous steps required in a transaction (and all the minute details in between to consider). An error made can result in a domino effect of time and financial repercussions.

So, how can you be better prepared for the incoming fall market of project launches with Avesdo? Here are five steps you can take to future-proof your fall season.

Upload and input the project’s units, unit information and prices into the platform.

The loading of the inventory is the first step in viewing your units in the system that starts the purchasing process.  The individual unit information provides your sales team and purchasers the exact information used during the purchase process.  This information with the Onboarding Survey creates the business rules of the system that allows your sales and admin teams to begin the process of generating deals.

The timeframe to provide your team access to the system with this information is approximately 2 – 4 business days.

Upload relevant contracts.

The second step that moves your sales and admin teams further in the purchaser process is the loading of the relevant contracts and addendums. This process begins with draft copies of each of the documents, that provide our Customer Success team the ability to program the individual field information contents. With each relevant document loaded and programmed, the sales and admin teams continue the purchaser path and ensure the business specific needs are identified and adjusted accordingly.  As we know that documents are rarely finalized until the last minute, the draft copies allow your team the ability to fast track the implementation and as the final documents are completed, the process to overwrite the draft is an easier step than having no draft documents.

The timeframe to load and program the relevant draft documents with the information is approximately 2 – 4 business days.  The timeframe to replace draft documents with final documents is approximately 1 – 2 business days.

Upload all your floor plans.

The third step that gets Avesdo to another level with your sales and admin teams is the uploading of the marketing assets: Floor plans, color schemes etc. which are the show and tell of your development. This process involves the uploading of each of these assets that provide our Customer Success team the details of your development and provide that customized look and feel to your development on Avesdo.

Seeing is believing and when your teams see these assets and your clients view these items online, the process only enhances the purchasing process to another level.

The timeframe to load these assets is approximately 1 – 2 business days.

Ensure all necessary integrations are set up.

System integrations have become a cornerstone of the real estate industry. Integrations with other systems, data warehouses, data analytics, the process of moving important data from Avesdo to other endpoints facilitates communication between systems that do not normally communicate. These integrations ensure that all systems and data work together and in harmony to increase productivity and data consistency.

Our Customer Success team can generate API information and provide necessary documentation within 1 business day.  We can also work with your integration providers on best practices that we have seen in the industry. This makes it sound like it takes 1 day, we should maybe suggest that it may take their teams longer on their side depending on the complexity of their system. 

Check that database information is up-to-date and correct.

With every project launch on Avesdo there are many moving parts. To ensure the success of every project launch we follow a stringent Quality Assurance Process to validate that nothing is overlooked. These steps are critical and involve both your team and our CS team from the Primary QA thru to Project Launch and handing your team the keys to your project on Avesdo.  This process will verify the process and business needs, as well as identify any changes required with final certification of the project on Avesdo.

The timeframe to complete this process is approximately 2 business days.

*A note about customer service

There are always last minute requests, and our clients have come to know we will do everything we can to accommodate.  We do offer overtime services for a cost when we have the heads up to coordinate. As this fall is scheduled to be a busy one, we really encourage you not to rely on last minute miracles and plan accordingly. Just because we have been able to work a miracle in the past, doesn’t mean we can do it again so it’s best to be ahead of the game.

Need support in your fall prep? Connect with one of our customer service support team members at or with your dedicated account manager. 

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