Avesdo TMS Presents: Closing Module

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Closing Module; an extension of the Contract Module, designed to help our clients manage and mitigate risk through the entire transaction lifecycle, from lead through to close. 

We designed the Avesdo TMS Closing Module to lower the effort currently needed by developers and sales teams to confidently track and manage their closing process and the activities surrounding it. With the Closing Module functionality now integrated, all of our clients now have access to a single source for the entire customer journey to help manage this complexity and reduce risk. 

For our clients, closing is not a single event; therefore, having a single system to manage the complexity of this process is critical. There is a whirlwind of activity that must be managed in relation to these dates, especially as they may change throughout the construction phase of a project. A mistake in managing this information can cause a host of issues, from closing date delays, purchaser miscommunication, to legal issues and even lawsuits. 

At Avesdo, our clients operate across Canada and within a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing environment. Therefore, Avesdo TMS ensures that any closing related regulatory processes, such as disclosure amendment requirements, province-specific critical dates, are also adhered to and not legally exposed. Compliance is deeply integrated into our product and business operations. 

As a company, we recognize that the very best way to respond to our clients’ needs is to continue to create added solutions that support the entire real-estate transaction lifecycle in order to offer a one-stop source that supports the entire buyer experience.  With the addition of the Closing Module to Avesdo TMS, clients are able to manage their transactions, including organizing, managing and tracking key milestones to their deals in one place.

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Or, if you are interested but need to know more, click HERE to see our Closing Module User Guide to learn even more about the Closing Module and how it can help you sell more homes with less risk and greater certainty.

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