How StreetSide Developments Optimized their Sales Process with the Avesdo TMS

StreetSide Developments builds multi-family homes that fit today’s contemporary lifestyles. StreetSide is a division of Qualico, western Canada’s largest privately-owned real estate company.  

Prior to using Avesdo as their transaction management software, StreetSide  Developments relied solely on scanning and emailing their contracts and other documents. These outdated and unreliable methods can hinder the sales  processes of any real estate developer, large or small. Sales Manager Jennifer  Wilson knew it was time to find a solution that offered full visibility and control over their new projects. “We knew we needed to do something more efficient and  streamlined.”

StreetSide’s first development launched with Avesdo was the highly successful  Canopy, a townhome community in Surrey, BC. Jennifer and her team were able to take control of the sales centre and ultimately increase their total sales of Canopy. Implementing Avesdo’s deal management software meant a more efficient process,  leading to more potential buyers through the sales centre and a 23% increase in monthly sales.  

“Once we did transition over to Avesdo, we were able to do 111 sales in one month and not a single person had to work overtime.”

Sales Manager, StreetSide Developments, A Qualico Company

The clear benefit is how the StreetSide sales team was empowered to focus on the customer and the experience of buying a home. Administrative work and added documentation can take up hours of your day that could be spent providing a superior buyer experience.

More projects, full visibility 

Avesdo was designed to provide complete oversight of multiple home building projects. “Now with Avesdo we can see the status of each project effortlessly without having to do it manually – from firm deals, units in rescission, units released, units held back,  individual pricing, total revenue… It really  makes everything stress-free.”  

After the successful launch of Canopy using Avesdo TMS,  StreetSide was able to replicate the process. Today Avesdo gives Jennifer and her team total control over multiple projects. “Right now, we have 4 projects selling and then 2 upcoming this year that we’re launching. So, we’ll have 6 projects actively running by the  end of 2020 and there’s just no confusion.” 

Centralizing StreetSide’s Deal Processes 

By taking advantage of Avesdo’s contract automation and document management portal, StreetSide’s team is able to send and receive all deal-related documents directly through Avesdo, accompanied by email notification. The sales team utilizes these features to add upgrades to units while the customer is still in the sales centre. 

We added an optional upgrade and I messaged the team saying ‘We can add this upgrade. Go ahead and send the document, let me know  when it’s signed.’ I’m not joking, 3 minutes later they had already generated the addendum. While the customer was waiting there, he clicked on his phone, tapped the screen and we received a notification saying it was signed.  

Being able to confirm a unit upgrade in real-time is a huge value add for sales teams. They are able to provide a more seamless and overall superior experience for their customers without losing hours (or even days) in the creation and signing of paperwork.  

The quicker all documents and contracts are signed, the quicker the rescission period can start. Removing barriers in the deal funnel meant the StreetSide sales team had more time to help their buyers choose their new homes. “There’s no waiting or in between games. Which means the rescission period ends sooner and deals go firm sooner.” 

See how one platform offers complete control from leads to close.