Four ways Avesdo’s Software Support Team helps developers succeed

The Software Support Team is the go-to for everything client-related including onboarding, training, software implementation, and post-launch support. We are the product experts and are here to guide, support, and empower our clients to become master users of Avesdo. The Software Support Team takes pride in knowing our client’s business, understanding their processes and operations, and providing support that contributes to their overall success. Let’s dig deeper! 

End-to-End Onboarding

Whether a client is new to the platform or otherwise, their success is our number one priority. How do we kick things off? We begin every new project with an introductory call, in which we discuss the team’s sales process and learn more about the project. What’s important to us is that from the start, expectations are set on both sides. This ensures that our timelines align with our client’s goals and, perhaps more importantly, that their experience is smooth and seamless. 

As we continue along the onboarding process, a Software Support Manager will conduct thorough training sessions for every team member. We have trained hundreds of clients using a proven model which is simultaneously effective, fun and engaging. With this model, we train our clients to feel confident and empowered while using Avesdo. This is one of our primary goals. We finalize the onboarding with not one but two quality analysis tests. Once complete, the client may go through the system to confirm that it has been set up to perfection. As part of our end-to-end process, our support does not end there.

Post-Launch Support

The Software Support Team is always available for post-launch support to ensure our client’s success continues throughout their journey with us. We are dedicated to working with them to understand their needs, business operations, and sales process, in order to provide the highest level of customer service. To put it simply, the Software Support Team is the best resource. We are here to answer all inquiries and adjust the system to specific preferences as required. A contract needs to be replaced? No problem, we can do that. The price of units has changed? Great, let us show you how you can make this change yourself! We are here to ensure that our clients have more control and more access to their own data, to make better decisions, and to succeed in all present and future projects with Avesdo. 

Providing Solutions to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

It’s time to get rid of those stacks of papers and printed out price lists. The Software Support Team is here to make client’s lives that much easier. How do we do this, you may ask? We start by digitizing all documentation, so that our clients can save time which they would normally spend manually preparing contracts and other supporting documents. By auto-populating all paperwork, we ensure that the right information gets inputted in the right location. For the administrators, Avesdo provides reports and analytics that pull real-time data such as sales rep performance, deposit payments, and buyer demographics, all in exportable reports. The Software Support Team then provides the knowledge on how to most efficiently use these reports as part of day-to-day operations. With this information now easily available, efforts can be focused elsewhere, such as building relationships with buyers and realtors. 

Next, let’s talk about how these solutions eliminate stress while increasing control. Firstly, what do we mean by “control”? Control comes with having visibility and insight into data, but also knowing how to use this data most expertly. That is where we come in. The Software Support Team works with our clients and their teams to customize a complete sales process that makes the most sense for them, one which allows for the highest level of efficiency and productivity in order to be successful.

Improvement of Processes and Best Practices

Avesdo’s Software Support Team is here to provide our client’s with best practices that align with their sales needs. This will help them manage their inventory and sales process with more control and more visibility. Here are just a few of the many services our team provides: the automation of paperwork, key steps for tracking deposits and payments in the system, and best use cases for a number of the various reports Avesdo offers. We also provide a step-by-step process, already built into the platform, that helps clients manage the journey of a deal from an offer status into rescission and sold firm. At every step of the way, client’s can clearly see every action taken on that deal and are prompted to verify any changes that are made. Our team ensures that throughout the sales process, clients are provided with the most simple, practical, and relevant tools, in addition to expert platform knowledge, to guarantee a complete and successful product implementation. The Avesdo platform offers critical functions that allow sales reps and administrators to do their jobs at the highest level, on a system that developers can trust, with a team of experts that stand behind it.

To wrap things up, Avesdo’s Software Support Team provides clients with a smooth and seamless end-to-end onboarding process. Through training, we ensure that they and their team become master users of the system. After onboarding is complete, our team continues to work with them on all post-launch support, providing the highest level of customer service to guarantee their success throughout their Avesdo journey. We provide our clients with solutions that increase efficiency and productivity. We automate and digitize documentation as well as provide guidance on how to most effectively use the many reports that Avesdo offers. These solutions guarantee the improvement of current processes and better yet, come with the recommendation of best practices that our team has developed and will customize according to our client’s specific needs. 

At Avesdo, the Software Support Team is the best resource and the go-to for all things support. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and more than anything, truly value our client relationships.

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