FAQ: Answers for real estate developers, builders, sales teams, brokerages and real estate agents.

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to help you understand the product and services that we offer here at Avesdo.

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What is Avesdo?

Avesdo is a software solution for residential real estate developers, builders, sales & marketing firms and brokerages to make selling an entire project easier.

We call ourselves a ‘transaction management software’ or TMS.

How does Avesdo make (and save) me money?

Avesdo can help you put more money into your pockets in two different ways: (1) saving costs and (2) increasing profits.

Our workflows reduce operational friction. What this means is that you can close deals with greater certainty, less risk and fewer errors. Additionally, your administrative team spends less time completing paperwork and fixing costly mistakes. Combined, this speeds up your project’s time to completion.

Our clients also gain unparalleled insights into the demand of their project before sales commence. This helps ensure that each home or unit’s selling price is fully optimized, and that you are maximizing your project’s value..

Is Avesdo a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software?

No. Avesdo ingests CRM data to take things beyond the “desire” stage of the homebuying process and manages the workflow through to transaction and post-sale management (hence the term TMS). CRMs are beneficial to intake leads and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase. Avesdo manages the actions of buyers who are ready and able to buy a home.

Does Avesdo integrate with our current software?

Yes. Avesdo integrates with CRMs, ERPs and other real estate software providers. We have an open API that allows us to work with each provider based on their needs and the needs of your own administrative and reporting teams, including real-time implementations, specialized reports or hosted data warehouses. Discuss integrations with our team.

How long does it take to adopt Avesdo?

This is an area of great pride for us. Avesdo was built by real estate professionals, so onboarding is both quick and thorough. You will find familiarity in our workflows, just optimized for a digital world. In fact, we generally reduce the number of steps you are used to making, allowing you to write contracts in less than a minute!

Training is complimentary, and our documented Client Success process ensures that all of the different members of your team are comfortable using Avesdo long before your sales program starts.

How is Avesdo different from other software providers?

We’re highly experienced real estate professionals, and we used that to build industry-specific software. Not the other way around.

A large portion of our sales process is spent educating our clients on how best to take full advantage of the Avesdo platform. There are many ways for you to leverage the over 300 data points captured on each transaction, and so we focus on helping you with the bigger picture, not just selling you the software.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that our pricing model is different from any other software out there. We actually align with the way that you sell. Instead of locking you in with up-front, recurring annual or special user fees, we charge on a transaction basis and only when a home sells. There is absolutely no risk in trying Avesdo on your next project.

How does Avesdo benefit realtors and buyers?

Our clients are developers, builders and sales teams, but the majority of our users are actually buyers and realtors. With over 15,000 annual transactions, a huge number of them have used the Avesdo TMS to successfully buy their next home.

Realtors and buyers benefit from our paperless workflows, allowing them to sign contracts and amendments in the comfort of their own home. More importantly, our secure and online portal stores all required documentation in one place so that realtors and buyers can easily find their paperwork when they need it. This is particularly important for realtors who are working with multiple buyers at the same time. Log in to Avesdo, and once authorized, you can see all of the respective documents that have already been signed, as well as those still requiring a signature. Easily send those to your buyers for digital completion. No more scrambling to find papers on your desk!

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