Ensure delivery of critical documents with Avesdo’s best-in-class deliverability rating.

One of the most critical pieces of the digital puzzle when it comes to electronic inventory, allocations, contracts, addendums and the like is the ability to actually ensure these important documents and communications make it to the intended recipient. You could have the very best documents managed with the very best processes but if you hand it to the mail person with the worst reputation then it could all be for naught. 

That is why we are going to cover email deliverability in this blog post, arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when considering going digital and in selecting a sales OS platform.

What is email deliverability?

Simply put, it’s a measure of how well your emails perform in their ability to make it to the receiver’s inbox. More than just delivery status, deliverability assumes the email made it past the recipient’s server and provides performance metrics for how many made it to the recipients inbox vs. a junk, spam, social etc. folder.

Why does this matter?

For software you rely on to deliver important things like inventory allocations, contracts, addendums, and amendments, the probability of the email making it to the recipient is the difference between a deal or no deal, or even that contract holding up in court. In short, it’s everything to us and should be to you.

What does the research say?

According to the latest from Influencer Marketing Hub, only 79.6% of legit emails reach their final destination. This means that on 500 sales where the contract is delivered by email, on average 102 don’t make it!  That is a staggering and unacceptable amount, and a tonne of risk for any developer to take on. 

What impacts your deliverability rate?

Several factors affect email deliverability:

  • Amount of received spam complaints
  • Content of the email
  • Sending volumes of emails in particular time frame
  • Infrastructure used to process emails
  • Open and bounce rates

One of the biggest offenders is marketing emails as they tend to negatively impact every single one of the aforementioned. Statistically benchmark open rates on marketing emails in the real estate industry are just 26% vs. transactional emails which average 80-85%. 

And, like all things on the internet, your proficiency is tracked by a reputation score which ISPs care a lot about and will check before every attempt. If your reputation is bad you can’t just improve your deliverability overnight but you will need to slowly build back your reputation.

Generally speaking, email best practices suggest a company should target delivery rates over 85% and seek to be as high as 95%. 

How does Avesdo perform?

As this is a metric we have prioritized since inception and wish to over-perform against given the importance of sales related emails, today, we are very pleased to say we have a consistent delivery rate of over 99% and bounce rates below 1% (invalid recipient, full mailbox, etc.) or blocked (invalid domain, mailbox full, invalid configuration, etc.).  This means that in almost every instance an email sent through Avesdo was accepted by the receiving mail server! 

With such a high reputation score and email deliverability metrics, Avesdo is among the very best and most reliable email distribution systems out there. So much so, it is very likely that Avesdo’s email system may outperform your own email servers and almost certainly outperform any server tied to your email marketing efforts.

Deliverability as an Answer to questions we are often asked?

As the industry becomes more sophisticated it’s these little details that can make all the difference for why one system is a better solution than another, and quickly answers common questions you might have. 

For one, we are often asked how we are different from an off-the-shelf digital signing tool; aside from the many workflow and reporting differences, our ability to ensure the recipient actually receives the contract is a major one and a significant risk if your deliverability and reputation are less than Avesdo’s.

Another big question is why we don’t incorporate CRM into the platform and have chosen to focus on building the very best sales OS. Now that you can see the impact of email marketing on deliverability, and given CRM’s in real estate are often just email marketing machines, you can understand the impact that would have on our ability to ensure delivery and how detrimental that could be to our offering. This is just one major reason why we choose to connect to world-class CRM providers via API and keep the contracting platform and its email server completely separate.

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