Avesdo TMS Presents: Teams

Avesdo is pleased to announce that new functionality is now available on the Avesdo Transaction Management Software (TMS) platform. Located within the Sales Module, Teams allows for the creation of a ‘team’ or group of trusted individuals that you can easily share inventory with. Developers and their project marketing firms can now facilitate team allocations through a one-to-many approach compared to previously being restricted to just sharing through an individual, or one-to-one, basis. Similarly, realtors can set up their own teams when receiving allocations and now share that inventory within their created teams, stay informed on the allocation progress via email, and build their reputation by tracking their homes sold as part of a team. Access to these new capabilities may require an upgrade to the Avesdo TMS platform. To learn more or get access to these features, check out this page.

Realtors play such an important role in the new home sales process. On the Avesdo TMS, we see around 90% of all transactions using a buyer-side realtor. Ensuring that our platform facilitates a streamlined process around private allocations is crucial to quickly ensure that inventory is in the realtors’ hands during both launch and tempo sales environments. Our recently launched Realtor Connect Services, led by 30-year real estate veteran Mahmoud Ahamed, helps developers unlock the full market demand potential through more effective connections with realtors.  Mahmoud’s guidance was integral to designing our Teams functionality as it provides a streamlined and automatic way of getting allocated inventory into the hands of the realtors with buyers.

Teams allows you to create a grouping, share inventory to the group and allow the entire team to work on the sale of that allocation. Whether facilitating out-of-town sales programs, Whale or VIP teams and collectives, or sharing specific inventory for an insider group like a friends and family grouping, the Teams functionality gives you more control and flexibility on how best to distribute your inventory. 

Benefits for developer & project marketing firms:

  • Facilitates a one-to-many approach to allocating inventory
  • Allows for top performing realtors to sell through their teams
  • More efficient way to get inventory into the hands of buyers and their realtors
  • More control over the process from selection to purchase
  • Visibility into your project’s top performing realtors and teams through our Realtor Connect Services

Benefits for realtors:

  • Realtors can share privately allocated inventory to their team members 
  • Ensures that your team gets credit for the deals you are bringing in
  • Leverages the power of your entire team 
  • Visibility into which realtor is associated to the deal through email notifications
  • Understand who your team’s top sellers are
  • Recognition as a top team on the Avesdo TMS

So how does it work?

Within the Sales Module of the Avesdo TMS, you will have the option to allocate a home to a previously created team or you can choose to add a new team. When creating a new team, all you need is the realtor’s email address. Once you’ve added all the realtors associated with your team, simply click ‘Add Team’ and you’re good to go. To learn more about Realtor Teams and the Avesdo TMS, click here.

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