Avesdo TMS Presents: Leads Module

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Leads Module, a new experience designed to help your project flow smoothly, from start to finish.

With this new feature our clients can now capture initial customer interest through an embedded form on their project’s website and nurture them with ongoing contact management through the entire transaction lifecycle. With the Leads Module functionality now integrated into Avesdo TMS, our clients now have a single source for the entire customer journey. 

The Leads Module brings amazing new features designed to help Sales + Marketing teams connect and stay connected with customers doing even more with Avesdo TMS. New features available with Leads Module:

  • Automated contact creation when registration form or link is filled out
  • Lead form stylizing to provide clients with flexibility to be able to maintain consistent branding creating trust and familiarity with your buyers and realtor networks
  • Lead forms can be published anywhere including project websites to ensure consistent branding while allowing buyers and realtors to register on the Avesdo TMS to minimize administrative efforts and prevent human error
  • Contact nurturing on a 1:1 basis with history of contacts added to contact record
  • Capture personalized notes along with contact preferences 
  • Track contact interactions including emails and notes
  • Govern who has rights to access and use ensuring you have full control over your leads with access controls
  • Export leads to import into CRMs and mass email tools
  • Store your centralized contact database securely in the cloud
  • Capture contacts automatically if a deal is initiated in the Avesdo TMS to reduce human error

Our clients often begin capturing customer interest long before they need to commit to a defined sales process or technology solution. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our Leads Module will be free for a limited time for current clients’ upcoming projects not currently on the Avesdo TMS.

To learn more about the Leads Module and how it can help connect your customers throughout your project lifecycle, provide us with your details and we will set up a time to talk.

See how one platform offers complete control from leads to close.