Take total control over your real estate development sales process.

Avesdo is a cloud-based platform that allows homebuilders and developers to quickly monitor, adjust and optimize the sales of new construction developments from any device, anywhere.

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Everything you need to close sales quicker and better than ever before.

  • Reduces time to contract by 75%
  • Real time data for real time decisions
  • Increase Sales
  • Inventory management at your fingertips
  • Visible audit trail
  • Secure data

Trusted by big developers on big projects.

"Avesdo has been a massive game-changer. Prior to engaging with Avesdo, I had planned to hire three more administrators, just to handle all of the paperwork. But seeing how much of the work can be done automatically, we haven't had the need, which was a great cost savings."

Ben Taylor Sales Director - Anthem Properties

Avesdo is the success platform.

+25B transactions launched
+25K units launched
+190 developments launched
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