Avesdo Pricing

As a Real Estate Services Company, Avesdo licenses use to its Avesdo TMS platform and provides Advisory Services.

Pricing - Avesdo TMS Platform


We align our business to our customers, therefore we have a transaction based pricing model with fees charged on a firm sale.  No upfront fees, no recurring subscription charges only when you transact. Transaction fees are determined on a sliding scale based on the size and complexity of your project.

Pricing - Advisory Services


We have two types of Advisory services, Advisory Consulting and Technical Enablement.  Technical Enablement services are charged on a fixed price as delivered. Advisory Consulting fees are based on the scope and desired business outcomes offered and priced on a general fee-for-service model, on an hourly and retainer basis.

Phone Number

Sales: 1 888 255 2811
Support: 1 888 278 7980
Corporate: 1 888 730 9439