Real Estate Sales Platform OffPlan Reports Major Successes in First Six Months

September 10, 2020 — Since its launch in April, real estate developers using OffPlan have continued to succeed in selling online. The real estate sales platform has enabled an early-adopter client to double sales quarter over quarter in Q2 2020, despite being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avesdo Technologies, the parent company of OffPlan, is a leading software provider for new construction real estate companies. Several major developers have already joined OffPlan including Aoyuan International, BlueSky Properties, Belford Properties and Ventura Properties.

“OffPlan’s e-commerce solution allows developers to better manage their inventory with click-to-buy and credit card payment functionality,” says Tyler Proud, CEO of Avesdo Technologies. “They can easily share homes with buyers, include a deadline to drive urgency, and quickly separate shoppers from buyers. No waiting for in-office appointments, no waiting for bank drafts to be received. Developers can easily sell even while their presentation centres are closed.”

Magnum Projects have been utilizing OffPlan’s allocation tools to share their inventory with their realtor network and directly to buyers. This has been especially effective when selling remotely as units can be easily sold at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.

“At Magnum Projects, we leveraged OffPlan as a digital showroom platform and completed the first online pre-sale transaction in Canada. Probably also the first in North America.” said Sammy Wong, Sales Director for One Central. Wong led the team behind the first OffPlan transaction.

As COVID-19 continues to force presentation centres to close and stall new project launches, real estate developers need to find better ways to sell their homes. OffPlan has empowered many developers to continue to sell in these uncertain times by preventing the risk of delays, more effectively manage inventory and optimize revenue potential through powerful insights and faster sales.

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About Avesdo:

Developed by real estate legal experts over a decade ago, Avesdo is a real estate services company powered by technology. Our platform and services have facilitated the launch of over 250 developments, 30,000 units sold and $23 billion in transactions. In 2020, Avesdo launched OffPlan as a way for sales teams to optimize virtual selling and managing inventory allocations. As a result, history was made by being the first new home sold and purchased completely online in Canada.

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