Real Estate Services powered by Technology.

As the trusted platform for new home sales and contract management, Avesdo provides technology-enabled services that have helped hundreds of developers transact tens of thousands of homes, worth billions of dollars.

Our team is a talented and diverse group of people with varied backgrounds and experiences that come together to create something great.

Our team is made up of:

  • Industry Experts who with new home sales experience
  • Innovators who have developed exciting technologies for other industries and bring that know-how to help our customers sell their homes
  • Operators who have the experience to grow and scale businesses while not losing sight of the highest priority – our customers

Pronounced “Ah-VES-Doh”, Avesdo’s name comes from the merging of two Latin words: Ave (“Ah-Vey”) which means “Hail”, as in the greeting, and Domus (“Doh-Moose”) which means Home, as in where you live.  Ave-Domus was then shortened to “Avesdo”, for Welcome Home.

Since its founding in 2016, Avesdo has continually responded to the market’s need for regulatory compliant solutions that help developers and their project marketing partners sell homes and manage their transactions. As an organization focused on providing efficiencies and governance through cloud-based workflow solutions, its portfolio of services continued to expand.  As an example, in June of 2020, Avesdo enabled the first new home sales transaction that was conducted entirely over the Internet.

Meet our Advisors

We don’t just sell new home real estate software, our very experienced team of new home sales experts can also show you how to leverage the technology and services we offer to optimize your sales efforts. Our team of Advisors, collectively, have over 100 years of real estate experience.


Advisor & Account Director

Warren has more than twenty-five years in the development industry and fifteen leading the sales and marketing operations for some of Alberta’s largest and most successful home builders. Throughout his career in the new home sales industry, Warren has led the visioning, marketing and sales strategies that supported the sale of over 4,500 homes & $2.5B worth of real estate.


Advisor & Account Director

Sammy started his career in real estate as a mortgage broker, completing his CFA designation but quickly moved into project sales and has worked with some of Vancouver’s largest and most successful developers. Sammy has been directly involved in the completion of over 1,500 pre-sale homes and commercial properties in the last 11 years.


Advisor & Account Director

Steve is an experienced leader in the new home sales industry having spent close to 20 years involved in various aspects of the lifecycle of high rise, townhome, master planned, and custom single family home projects. Steve’s core expertise, across a variety of product-types, has focused on developing and executing project marketing and sales strategies. 


Advisor & Account Director

Jake has been involved in onboarding close to 150 projects onto the Avesdo TMS and credits that success to the variety of his past experience encompassing commercial, industrial & residential expertise, large loss adjusting, project management, on-site inspections, estimating, negotiations, and B2B and B2C sales.

Meet our leadership team

Just a few of the team members determined to make an old-fashioned
process easier and more efficient. 



As President of Avesdo, Ben oversees the development and execution of company vision and strategy. Prior to joining, Ben led Kinsman Partners, a strategic advisory firm for new home real estate developers and their project marketing partners supporting the launch and execution of hundreds of projects. As a long-time visionary who led the industry in its adoption of digital marketing, Ben did the same with its adoption of digital sales, overseeing the first fully online new home sale transaction over the internet in June 2020. An avid snowboarder and adventurer, Ben enjoys the beautiful outdoors of British Columbia as often as he can.



Executive Chairman

For the past 4 years, Tyler has led overall company strategy and evolution of Avesdo.  Tyler has extensive experience in the real estate market having led strategy and acted as Chairman for Dye & Durham a leader in real estate transaction solutions for the legal community.  Tyler also advises many leading tech company startups, often while playing a round of golf. 


Chief Revenue Officer

Jonathan leads Avesdo’s growth strategy and team development for sales, customer success, marketing and account management. He has had the opportunity to help numerous industries embrace the power of the Internet since his early days at Netscape and is enjoying the opportunity to do it again with new home development. An avid cyclist, Jonathan enjoys exploring back roads across Ontario and BC whenever he gets the chance, which explains his passion for cooking to keep himself fueled.


Chief Operating Officer

Wendy has a passion for operations, employee success and building great cultures. She is tireless when it comes to bringing the organization together, aligning our processes and roles and nurturing the community within Avesdo. Wendy joined Avesdo in the summer of 2018 to run operations, finance and culture, charting Avesdo’s path for scalable growth. Wendy takes a global perspective in exploring cuisine, hand rolls her own dumplings and enjoys the outdoors with her family.


Chief Product Officer

Jason builds digital products that make commerce easier and more compelling. He has seen the power of disruptive technologies making the world a better place. Jason joined Avesdo in 2019 to transform and scale Avesdo’s TMS platform, rapidly evolving it and building innovative products to meet the dynamic needs of Avesdo’s customers. An avid board and video gamer, Jason enjoys taking on team members in Avesdo’s weekly virtual game sessions and taking care of his young family when there’s time left over.



Chief Technology Officer

 Firas has 20 years of experience in software architecture, Engineering and Project Management across diverse domains and industries including banking/finance, public sector, smart buildings and the Internet of Things. He has worked in Canada, the USA and MENA Region and has accumulated vast technical experience in building and coaching cross-functional teams. As our CTO, Firas will be responsible for outlining and driving the company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company’s business needs.

Work With Us

As Avesdo continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly looking for individuals to join our diverse and talented team.  As a virtual company, we are looking for the best-of-the-best wherever they are.  Let’s see if there is an opportunity for you to join us.

Phone Number

Sales: 1 888 255 2811
Support: 1 888 278 7980
Corporate: 1 888 730 9439