Contract being written on computer

How Deal Management Software Optimized a Homebuilder’s Sales Process

Prior to using Avesdo as their deal management software, StreetSide Developments relied solely on scanning and emailing their contracts and other documents. These outdated and unreliable methods can hinder the sales processes of any real estate developer, large or small. Sales Manager Jennifer Wilson knew it was time to find a solution that offered full visibility and control over their new projects. “We knew we needed to do something more efficient and streamlined.”

StreetSide’s first development launched with Avesdo was the highly successful Canopy, a townhome community in Surrey, BC. Jennifer and her team were able to take control of the sales centre and ultimately increase their total sales of Canopy. Implementing Avesdo’s Deal Management software meant a more efficient process, leading to more potential buyers through the sales centre and a 23% increase in monthly sales.

“Once we did transition over to Avesdo, we were able to do 111 sales in one month and not a single person had to work overtime.”

Jennifer Wilson

Sales Manager, StreetSide Developments, A Qualico Company

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