Contract being written on computer

Building Stronger Client Relationships with Avesdo

Marketing companies have a commitment to each of their clients and it can be tricky to not just meet sales goals, but also demonstrate and provide long term value. Avesdo’s Deal Management software optimized Breakside Real Estate Group’s internal systems and helped to strengthen relationships with their developer clients.

Breakside has benefited greatly from a centralized system that works in real time. “I get complete visibility and so does our client,” Amy Rebodos, VP Finance said. “At any point in time they can go in and see a unit being reserved or that a price has just been changed and it’s consistent throughout. Nobody has bad information because we all refer to what’s on the online system.” Because of this, no one at Breakside, or elsewhere, needs to rely on human generated reports.

“It’s all of your conveyancing, it’s your contract management, it’s everything you send to your lawyer, so it all sits in once place and the information that sits in Avesdo, you can use to run your business.”

Amy Rebodos

VP Finance, Breakside Real Estate Group

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