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What is Deal Management?

Sales representatives will fail without a functioning deal management tool. It’s like sending your troops into battle without their weapons – essentially a waste of time and resources.  No matter the size of your company or customer-base, having an effective deal management platform and accompanying strategy is crucial for a successful sales team. In this post, we’ll further define “deal management” and the importance of finding the right tool for your sales team.

Deal Management Explained

Deal management is the establishment and organization of deal workflows and processes. It’s an outline of every step in the deal-making process.  Deal management encompasses everything to be considered during the sales review process. This, in turn, can maximize revenue and streamline your overall sales practices.

A proper deal management tool empowers sales representatives while providing the most clarity and up-to-date information for management. This often includes pricing changes, discounts, and inventory allocation.  Deal management tools also give sales representatives the ability to spend more time maintaining strong relationships with buyers. 

Contract being written on computer

How does a deal management strategy optimize your sales process?

Data Collection and Consolidation

An essential piece of deal management is a single-view of all sales and customer-related data.  Consolidating this information means it’s more accessible for your sales agents. It can lead to more meaningful interactions with your customers and lets your team refine their messaging with customer-specific information.

Collaboration and Accountability

Your sales and administrative teams need to collaborate and ensure internal accountability. With a deal management tool, you can connect all sides of your business and manage multiple deals in different contract stages, all while retaining complete visibility of the project.  

Price and Inventory Access

Accuracy and efficiency are key in a prosperous sales centre.  Part of a strong deal management strategy is access to pricing and inventory. It enables a sales representative to clearly show how a deal meets the business objectives of a prospective buyer. It can also help mitigate the risk of losing a deal in its final stages.  

Shorter Deal Lifecycle

The benefits of a shorter sales cycle for a sales representative goes beyond simply being able to sell more or sell faster. Spending too much time on a deal can be detrimental, often resulting in the loss of a sale. An effective deal management tool speeds up the sales cycle without sacrificing your relationships with your customers.  Both the sales representative and the customer benefit from less time at the negotiation table. 

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An effective deal management tool will empower your sales team and maximize your results.  Putting a strategy in place is the first step of taking total control of your sales process and ensuring a superior experience for your customers.

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