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Avesdo Technologies is excited to launch North America’s first online new home buying platform. Home builders and developers across Canada can now sell their new and pre-construction homes without needing to step into a sales centre by using OffPlan.  Avesdo launched OffPlan to give developers the ability to take payments online and share their homes with Canadian realtors. 

The real estate industry needed a solution

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced many presentation and sales centres to close their doors, making an online purchasing portal like OffPlan even more adoptable to the real estate industry. Both home buyers and realtors can browse and reserve new construction homes from top international developers, as well as make payments by credit card, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings in presentation and sales centres.

What is OffPlan? How does it work?

Real estate developers using OffPlan can continue to generate revenue by digitally allocating their new construction homes to realtors within their network. Realtors can then share a digital sales brochure of available homes with their potential buyers. As soon as they’re ready, homebuyers can make payments on their selected property directly through OffPlan.

Contract being written on computer

With OffPlan, you have two different ways of sharing with realtors. First, you can invite existing realtors you frequently work with to select from your new home inventory directly on the platform. They can see all selected property-related information, including renderings and floorplans, in an easy to navigate portal. This is a great way to segment and incentivize your realtors. Second, you can make your homes available to OffPlan’s vast network of Canadian realtors, increasing your chances of finding interested buyers quickly and easily. In either case, realtors can easily take those available properties and share with their buyers. 

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OffPlan also lets developers connect directly with buyers, providing the same customer experience without face-to-face interaction. Developers can digitally recreate sales centres, create online brochures of their selected homes and share those properties with buyers via email.  It’s an opportunity to present project details in an easy to understand and compelling way that will enable realtors to share with buyers.

Once your buyers are ready to make a reservation on a home, OffPlan gives them the ability to make a payment by credit card. Developers can and will increase conversion rates by empowering buyers to pay for their home online, without a face-to-face meeting in the presentation and sales centre.

We at Avesdo believe that homebuyers and developers should have the option to securely transact real estate online, both now and in the future. Moving to a purely digital model keeps the real estate market nimble in response to crises and flexible for future proptech.

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