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How contact management improves your relationships with home buyers

Fostering and maintaining strong relationships with your purchasers is integral for a sales centre. This of course comes with some challenges.  Homebuilders often struggle keeping track of buyers across multiple projects. For example, a high-rise developer may have interested parties purchasing several properties within the same project. Whatever the situation, a contact management system will ultimately help your sales and admin teams provide the best experience for their purchasers. This post will walk through a few specific customer-centric advantages of utilizing contact management for real estate sales. 

What is contact management?

Contact management is the tracking of client communication and information and can be broken down into distinct pieces. The first is the main contact information including name, email, phone number and any supplementary details like industry, company and job title. The second piece of a contact management system is all sale and deal-related information and documentation. 

Having a single-view of all sales and customer-related data is crucial for effective deal management.  Not only are you enabling your sales team to make informed decisions and sell effectively, you’re also helping them provide a superior experience for your buyers throughout the entire home buying process.

Improving your relationships with customers

Tracking your customer’s journey and the associated communication is the first and arguably most important function of contact management. The goal should be to remove any inconsistency of contact records across your organization and ensure contact accuracy. Collect and organize this information during customer interactions directly through your contact management tool.

Not only are all of your interactions logged, they’re often organized for future use. Both sales and admin teams benefit from being able to retrieve and utilize customer information instantly. Throughout the entire real estate purchasing process, you’ll experience plenty of interactions with buyers and realtors. Don’t miss an opportunity to delight them by being prepared with all relevant deal information and to grow the relationship.

Another huge upside, especially to the administrative team, is being able to eliminate manual work. Not only is it tedious, but any manual insertion also opens up the possibility of errors and omissions.  A high-value contact management tool allows for automation – reducing the risk of errors and keeping customer interactions easy and hurdle-free. Not to mention, nobody wants to chase their customers for an initial on a contract.

Contact Management in Avesdo

Avesdo’s new contact management system is the perfect extension to our existing deal management platform.  The visibility and control that Avesdo clients are accustomed to is now available on a contact-level basis.

Developers and marketing companies can import, collect and organize their databases of potential buyers.  Avesdo’s contact management tool captures all deal-related actions in a convenient, buyer-specific feed accessible by all Avesdo users from that company. They can maintain and ensure a superior experience for home buyers by providing personalization and peace of mind through the entire deal process.

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At the end of the day, the goal is to provide a spectacular purchasing experience for your customers. Contact management gives developers and home builders a single, unified view of their buyers’ journeys and empowers their team to provide superior customer experience.

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