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Managing deals with Avesdo’s contract management system 

The real estate industry is rife with all types of paperwork like purchase agreements, disclosures and various addenda. With so much necessary documentation involved in real estate sales, especially new construction, an automated contract management system really just simplifies the lives of developers. 

If you’re a real estate developer or sales company and you’re still using spreadsheets and scanned files to manage your deals, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice.  By keeping your uncentralized (and frankly, almost archaic) process, you are losing time and money on the extra administrative work and creating an added potential for error.  So here’s a breakdown of Avesdo’s contract management system and how it can help optimize your business.

Better experience for your customers

A priority for your sales team (besides selling your homes) should be to provide an enjoyable purchasing experience for your customers.  Lengthy contracts, signing several pages of paper, sitting in silence while documents are prepared, all add to the possible frustration and stress that comes with purchasing a home. Avesdo’s proprietary e-signature technology reduces the time spent elbow-deep in contracts and lets your sales team connect more effectively with customers. 

On the subject of e-signatures, Avesdo lets you share and request signing and approval from all parties within your organization, as well as buyers and realtors attached to the deal.  These automated sharing workflows seamlessly move contracts forward, making sure that the right people know when and where to sign. Developers, sales agents, buyers and realtors all receive email updates when a signature is needed. No more missed signatures means deals go to rescission that much sooner. 

Centralized storage

Part of the long-term effect of a contract management system is the centralization of your deal information. Avesdo’s cloud-based document portal stores all agreements of purchase and sale, added addenda and any other deal-related documents in an easy to access contract repository. Your team can get to any documentation, from any deal, any time. 

All changes to documents are tracked in an audit trail, so you won’t miss any crucial information during or after the sale goes through. This centralized collection of documents, along with the audit trail, ensures full visibility of the project. 

Increased efficiency

When adopting a new software, the most basic requirement is that it helps you become more efficient in your day-to-day work life. Avesdo’s contract management system does just that. One of the first steps when starting with Avesdo is the setup of the PDF document templates. Upload any and all deal-relevant documents to your Avesdo portal and work with our Client Success team to customize and tag them for all projects. These are stored and ready to be accessed whenever you need, by anyone in your organization. This, in turn, eliminates many of those repetitive and tedious tasks like generating extra addenda or re-entering data. Everything has already been set-up, giving you more time to spend with your customers.

Reduction of Errors

The manual creation and reproduction of contracts is not only tedious (as mentioned above) but also risky due to human error. Furthermore, the use of spreadsheets and paper contracts leads to scattered deal information and outdated versions of contracts being circulated.  Reliable contract management software helps you by storing all the deal information in one place, accessible only by authorized Avesdo users. 

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When you open sales on your next project, ensure that you’ve chosen a contract lifecycle management system that helps you achieve your business objectives in the most seamless and efficient way possible. A sales team using the right tools in their deal management software suite will work more efficiently and have a great effect on the bottom line. 

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