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Relying on an outdated process has created a fragmented market, putting a strain on developers in maximizing their business needs. Avesdo saw this as an opportunity to enhance the business profiles of real estate developers and marketing agencies, by creating a centralized platform that bridges the gap between all stages of the new development process.

Our intuitive platform provides you with complete line-of-sight to sales and project data from any remote location - any time of day. This ensures you are making key decisions based on true market demands – allowing you to maximize your bottom line.

Avesdo is an innovative software platform, designed for developers to manage their new homes sales – start to finish.

Reduce Costs

Our proprietary deal signature technology allows contracts to be executed in person, or from any remote location - reducing unnecessary costs associated with unforeseen delays. An auto-populated purchase contract extracts all information from the Avesdo platform, ensuring deals are prepared with accuracy, reducing sales administrative costs by an average of 50%.

Inventory Management

With complete access to building inventory, sales representatives can easily navigate new deals by choosing the desired unit (based on real-time availability) to select upgrades specific to each purchaser. Our intuitive platform allows single unit or mass price changes, ensuring reps to sell each unit at the latest price. This real-time pricing control guarantees developers can maximize their bottom line.

Visible Audit Trail

Gain complete control of your project with our built-in tracking system, capturing every action made on the platform. Providing visibility of all sales activity allows developers to move deals through the subsequent steps faster and more efficiently.




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