A simplified real estate sales process.

Avesdo is a game-changing real estate sales automation platform, providing developers and marketers with total control of their real estate transactions - from registration to financing to closing.

Real-time data for real-time decisions.

Get access to real-time building inventory that enables sales staff to generate and close deals at the very latest price, maximizing your bottom line.

Always-accurate inventory management.

With Avesdo, you have the ability to see sales performance and purchase data in real-time, resulting in more accurate, more efficient, and more educated decision-making.

  • Control over project inventory in real-time
  • Drive demand and price
  • Never accidentally sell the same unit twice

Sell more, faster.

Avesdo’s deal signature technology makes it easy to execute contracts anywhere in the world, reducing time to contract by 75%.

  • Close deals in minutes
  • No more unnecessary mistakes
  • Save thousands per project

Trackable audit trail.

Our built-in audit system captures every action on the platform, providing greater clarity, speed and efficiency throughout the sales process.

We take your privacy seriously.

Avesdo is managed on the highest-grade servers and secured with 256-bit encryption to ensure your project data is never compromised.

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