We’ve changed the real estate game.

Avesdo is an innovative real estate software company determined to make an old-fashioned process easier and more efficient. That’s what drives us.

A platform above the rest.

We’ve redefined real estate sales by creating a cloud-based platform integrating all stages of the new home development process. This centralized platform enables a paperless sales process from start to finish, saving time and money, eliminating inventory mistakes and optimizing the sell-out values for developers and marketing companies alike.

Meet our team.

  • Tyler Proud

    Tyler Proud


  • Farnam Mohasseb

    Farnam Mohasseb


  • Mike Werry

    Mike Werry


  • Wendy Cheah

    Wendy Cheah

    VP Finance & Operations

  • Dan Leck

    Dan Leck

    Director of Sales

  • Igor Keel

    Igor Keel

    Business Development Representative

  • Tony Szeto

    Tony Szeto

    Enterprise Sales Consultant

  • Jake Shatz

    Jake Shatz

    Account Executive

  • Truong Pham

    Truong Pham

    Project Manager

  • Bryce Knott

    Bryce Knott

    Client Success Manager

  • Jessica Jannicia Winata

    Jessica Jannicia Winata

    Client Success Manager

  • Keegan Smart

    Keegan Smart

    Client Success Manager

  • Reagan White

    Reagan White

    Senior Product Manager

  • Mahshid Karimi

    Mahshid Karimi

    UX/UI Designer

  • Vitali Crystal

    Vitali Crystal

    Software Developer

  • Victor Guan

    Victor Guan

    Software Developer

  • Vinicius Totti

    Vinicius Totti

    Software Developer

  • Eugene Makarov

    Eugene Makarov

    Software Developer

  • Eugene Makarov

    Marcelo Longen

    Software Developer

  • Thompson Sanjoto

    Thompson Sanjoto

    Software Developer

  • Archana Ganjihal

    Archana Ganjihal

    QA Analyst

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